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Home Helpers of Southern Maine is "Assisted Living That Comes To You!"


When we think of the words “assisted living,” we generally think of an assisted living facility. But thanks to Home Helpers of Southern Maine, assisted living can be wherever you want it to be. Assisted living facilities can be very nice, luxurious even, but they are structured and the resident has very little control of the structure. “Assisted Living” in your home is quite different. You are in charge of the structure. That means you get the help you need, no more, no less. You eat what, where, and when you want. Your caregiver’s schedule and responsibilities are up to you and centered on your needs. And best of all, you’re in your own home.

Home Helpers of Southern Maine is assisted living that comes to you. From a few hours a week, to 24/7 care, we will tailor a flexible care plan to fit your needs. Home Helpers of Southern Maine can make your life easier by providing home care services, including companion care, elder care and respite care.